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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tim Gilligan and I'm 75 years old and retired and living here in South Ft. Myers, Florida. We are located approximately 1/4 mile from the border of the town of Fort Myers Beach and about 3 mile from the entrance to the causeway to the land of the rich and famous, better known as Sanibel Island.  As the crow flies, we are actually only about 3/4 of a mile from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.
As I told you on the front page of this site, I got started with my Internet Marketing efforts back in 1996. Some of you may not be aware but back in those days of the early infancy of the Internet, there were no such things as complete page building software like there is today.
Back then, if you wanted to create a web page, it had to be hand coded using HTML code. So, I went on a vast search of the Internet looking for any and all types of HTML coding courses that I could find.
I studied each and every course that I found and I finally was able to get my very first web pages up on the Internet.
When I was first starting out, there were no places that I could go to that would teach me the skills and the basic rules of this crazy game more commonly known as Internet Marketing.
I had to learn everything the hard way which is pretty much known as the "Trial and Error" method.
After much struggling and pretty much reaching the point where I would say to myself, "I'll never learn how to make money on the Internet", I finally hit on a couple of different things that started to produce a little bit of income.
That little bit of income here and there started to grow as I continued using the various techniques that were working for me.
Fast forward to today and there is a plethora of methods to help you build just about any type of web page or even an entire web site that you can possibly dream up.
I have to admit, this is my very first attempt at building a WordPress site and it is totally and completely different from everything I've learned in the past.
But just like any other learning experience, I'm pretty much just stumbling and fumbling my way through this new experience and from what I can see so far, it really does look a good bit better than what I've done in the past.
My wife has said many times that I have what she calls a "Pit Bull Mentality" when it comes to any type of challenge.
What that means is that once I clamp my jaws on a challenge, I will NEVER give up until I've beaten that challenge into the ground.
As an example, I enrolled in college when I was 69 because I wanted to get a degree in Internet and Web Site Development.
Well, in 2010 I graduated from Kaplan University with honors and a 3.96 GPA.
How's that for an old man, huh?
I consider that to be the crowning achievement in my quest for success in this crazy Internet Marketing game.
Fast forward to the new millennium and now I make a pretty decent income from all of my marketing efforts. Plus, I do not have to work nearly as hard as I did way back when I first got into this game.
You'll notice that I keep referring to Internet Marketing as a "game".
That's because when I sit back and just watch what is going on on the Internet, I get the feeling that I'm sitting on the sidelines on the play ground back when I was in grammar school and I'm watching all of the "hot shots" trying to out do each other.
In the meantime, I'm just quietly plugging away promoting my various products and doing what works for me and I just keep on laughing all the way to the bank.
I want you to pay close attention here:
You will NEVER see any of those faked and photoshop'd income statements from Clickbank or PayPal on a single web site of mine.
You also will NEVER hear me brag about how much money I'm making from my marketing efforts. As a matter of fact, how much money I make is nobody's business except my own.
You will NEVER see me promoting any products that I do not honestly and wholeheartedly believe in and feel that they will definitely help you in your journey to become an Internet Marketing success.
As I mentioned earlier, I've just been plugging along doing what has been working for me all along and making a few bucks here and there along the way.
Okay, I think I've said enough about me and my early struggles with trying to learn how to make money online.
Thank you for the privilege of your time and .....
Neighbors Helping Neighbors Prosper With Integrity,
Tim "TeeJay" Gilligan,
Founder & CEO, TeeJay Enterprises
Internet Business Coach & Consultant
e-mail: teejayenterprises [at] earthlink.net
Skype: tim.gilligan88
P. S. --- Whatever the mind can conceive and believe ---- the mind CAN achieve !!!
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